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A visionary “alternative“ European project, stemming from citizen initiative, established since 1979 on the industrial grounds of the 1920-built former UFA-moviefactory, then the cradle of German film making.

Today the ufaFabrik is known as the premier „green venue“ of Berlin. One of the first to invest in eco-technology, the cultural center is a green oasis within the city. Internationally, the ufaFabrik Berlin enjoys recognition as a leading demonstration in the areas of culture, community and ecology and was recognized by the UN habitat as „International Best practice in improving the living environment“.

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Neighbourhood Centre - NUSZ - ufaFabrik

Democracy, solidarity and compassion are developed through human interaction.

The "Neighbourhood Centre NUSZ ufaFabrik" is a Nonprofit Organisation in the City of Berlin, Germany with departments in various districts of Berlin.

Guiding principles are to inspire participation for better quality of living in community.  A special focus are the different needs of families.

Our educational, youth and neighbourhood facilities are inclusiv and open to people from different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. Encouragement and assistance in cultural as well as in social, health and family matters are provided.

The head office "NUSZ " is settled in the park-like-area of the International Cultural Centre "ufafabrik" in Berlin - Tempelhof.

Founded in 1987, the NUSZ  mother house runs here a family education center, a city farm for children, socio-cultural and martial arts activities.

There are courses and counselling supported and led by the NUSZ for youth and parents in difficult life situations, and in addition family education, help with upbringing, space for self-help groups, support for parents and their new born child “well-come” and much more.
Youth and adults are offered a wide range of opportunities, space for civic engagement and for their own personal development in the Neighbourhood and Self-Help Center NUSZ.

Day Nurseries with Pre-school education, parents hotel and social activities, Before and After School Care Activities ( ASC ), as well as Out of School Care (OSC) are provided by NUSZ at various places in the district of Schöneberg - Tempelhof, Berlin.

Our Youth Clubs develope cultural practice and social participation with Youngsters. In the Youth- and Cultural Center "Spirale" is an additional focus on music and rock bands.

The City Farm with open door for children keeps pigs, chicken, geese, ferret, ponies. Educaters and a zookeeper support  schoolchildren in recreational activities and social participation. A special inter-generational project with senior citizens volunteers supports education like cooking, handicraft works for childern or assists in events.

Socio-cultural activities offer various Public sport and leisure classes, ranging from dancing with 3-year-old kids to senior citizens practising chinese Qigong meditation. You find Aikido, Karate and Tai chi skills as well as classes for dance, drumming,  brazilian percussion, Sewing or Yoga!

The service for Out-Patient Care gives medical and home care to invalid and sick persons.

International Projects inspire new insights and views of the World. Global Thinking and local activities generate new partnerships.

The work of the NUSZ is financed through government-funds and donations.

We would like to say a special thanks to the City of Berlin and all our cooperation Partners.